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For a long time, health was never much of a priority for me. Growing up, I always ate and did whatever I wanted while still staying free of health issues of any kind. Over the years, it hasn’t really changed much, the only difference now is that I realise that while in the short-term the consequences are minimal, the long-term consequences are however a different story. So began my journey into improving my health.

The name of the game was convenience. Friction was the one thing I actively avoided. That was the primary reason why I started running, it was far more frictionless than going to the Gym, so that’s what I did. It has paid rich dividends and while I look to continue with it, I am conscious that for the need to cross-train to mitigate the risk of injury. While running is easy to do, it probably has the highest risk of injury given how much punishment our joints bear for each kilometre we run.

That is where the idea of cycling came in. For all intents and purposes, it is the most recommended cross-training alternative for running. The hitch is in the cost of the required investment. Again, I stress that convenience is the name of the game. That’s why going to the Gym where there is a spin class is not an option. While I may string together a few weeks of consistency, I know that when things get busy, that will be among the first things to be sacrificed. That’s why I am looking towards getting a road bike with a smart trainer, something that I can do at home with minimal friction.

When I did some cursory research into how much this would cost, I was taken a little bit aback. I knew bikes weren’t cheap but I wasn’t expecting to spend in the upwards of a few thousand. When I thought more deeply on this, however, I realised that while the upfront cost is enormous, the value I will be getting in terms of the return to my physical and emotional health is unquantifiable. I know that it will be something I will use damn near everyday given that I plan to set it up in the house. It is a no-brainer. I may be money-poor in the short-term, but the value added will be something I would find difficult to quantify.

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