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Time is not something we think of a whole lot, at least in the medium or long-term. In the short-term, time is such an integral part of how we go about our days that we often take it for granted. Go to work at 10am, meeting at 11am, lunch with friends at 1pm, cook dinner at 5pm, drinks with friends at 9pm, picnic on Saturday, Martial Arts class on Tuesday night. Immediacy. We tend to think of time in terms of how it affects us in a day-to-day basis, what gets lost in this mode is the feeling of time passing.

My “time is passing” reminders:

  • 1 week – review personal finances
  • 1 month – creating a new monthly spotify playlist
  • 1 year – car needs servicing

It just feels so arbitrary that these “milestones” are how time passing is signalled to me. For whatever reason, I imagined it would be more exciting. For example, going camping every 2 months or weekend trip to Sydney every 6 months. Not that I enjoy camping or can necessarily afford going away for just one weekend, I just thought my list would be less pedestrian.

I know that I should be grateful, knowing how privileged I am to have these time-reminders and not anything worse. I suppose this is an opportunity to seize the day and influence these reminders by changing what I do with my time.

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