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‘Flow’ and well-being are inextricably linked

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Listening to music is my go-to pastime. As much as I enjoy it, what I enjoy more is being able to share it with people. This page will be a living document of my premier playlists, updated every time I create a new one.

OG Soulscape recalls to the old faithful in terms of musical genres for me: R&B and Soul. It is my staple, my bread and butter, my swiss-army-knife, and my duck tape. It is what I will always return to. I can’t not feel my soul soften a little listening to these tender tunes.

Spicy Soul is inspired by the sounds of the OG Soulscape. I like to think of it as R&B and Soul with a higher BPM and fused with a bit of funk, house, or other something extra. It never fails to lift the mood.

Club Eskimo is my catch-all playlist for the Korean underground. This includes k hip hop, krnb, and ksoul. Basically everything the bubbles under the surface of kpop.

Kinfolk is my favourite magazine. This playlist embodies that crate-digger vibe. It is what I imagine the magazine’s musicality to be if it happened to be sentient.

This was inspired by the beach clubs of Bali. This following is the picture I wanted to paint with this one: it’s sunset, you are on a beach of clifftop, this music is blasting, everyone is having fun around you, and the night is young.

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