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This blog is my way of working in public. Long story short, this is a success if and only if one person finds value from any of the content from this blog over the lifetime that it exists on the internet. For a more rigorous exploration as to why I’ve come to adopt this way of working, jump to the following essays:

Personal Essays

What exactly drives our behaviour? Why do we desire the things we do? Our ambitions, attitudes, habits, and preferences are not entirely our own – and I explore these in my personal essays.

Building Businesses

I love the complexity behind what it takes to start and scale a successful business. What should you do when you’re pre-product-market-fit? What do you do when you have product-market fit? How can you avoid the innovator’s dilemma? How do you scale an organisation without losing the magic that led to the first product’s success? These are the things I think about almost daily, and what I will write about here.

Zero to Endurance Athlete

In January 2020, I was at zero from the perspective of my physical health. Clinically obese and struggling to walk up the stairs without puffing, I started down the path of weight loss. Fast-forward 9 months, I lost all the weight I wanted to. I fell in love with the lifestyle of running & eating well, and so I decided to go full-send in endurance sports.