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For non-fiction writers, I think it be a neat idea to write books and publish it in real-time in the form of self-destructing blog. For each chapter, or subchapter you read, you can publish them as they are written and set them to self-destruct (delete) after a week or fortnight. Writing in this way has so many unique opportunities for raising awareness, connecting with readers, and improving the quality of the overall book.

The notion of a time-limited blog post is an enticing marketing vehicle. The feeling of FOMO is enhanced, it nudges people a little more towards giving the work a chance since it will be taken down in a week. Integrating this series of blog posts into one’s marketing machine will be seamless.

For those that read and following along the author on their writing journey, they become members of a little club which offers a wholly unique value proposition in it self. I would personally love to follow something like this for a handful of my favourite non-fiction writers. For as much as I love reading their books, I am sure they have another book’s worth of stuff they cut out that someone like me would find interesting. This format would be perfect for conveying that experience that left uncaptured in the traditional process.

There is an opportunity for the real-time readers to contribute towards the final work. The author can decide to what extent they want to incorporate feedback they might get from their loyal legion of readers. Whether they do or not is besides the point, the potential feedback is another source of feedback the author has at their disposal. I would argue it is the most important source as it comes from the readers themselves.

This idea of writing in real-time is not fully fleshed out, but I believe it is something more and more people will get into.

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